2016 Begins

I seem to be constantly deciding how often I will blog and then it doesn’t happen. I have excuses from not having enough time to needing to find all my fans before I start. A new year has just begun and so I begin.

Last year I had the privilege of doing ten shows, starting with a small house concert in Montreal and ending with a show this past November in Dawson Creek. I started last year by attending a weekend workshop with Tom Jackson which changed everything for me as far as how I had been thinking about live shows.   The toughest show of the year was the one that I did in my home town of Shaunavon due to my songs being of a very personal nature. The most relaxed show was the one in Dawson Creek, perhaps because I had a few shows under my belt. Everyone there bought a CD, although it was a small group, I  took as a good sign.

Other highlights were attending a songwriting retreat in Saskatoon in July with mentor Jay Semko. As well, I  had a couple of songwriting sessions with teacher Debra Alexandra which I found very helpful and which I hope to do again. I started co-chairing  a songwriting group here in Regina a year ago  which I enjoy and which has helped me a great deal in getting to know other musicians in the city.

As January starts, and  I look ahead I  hope to book some shows for this spring and summer.  I am attending  a songwriting retreat with Jason Blume at the end of the month which I think will be great. There are hopes that I might record another CD in the fall, however at this point that is under the hope category.

I hope this finds everyone well and send me a note if you have any feedback or you would like to chat. Have a great day!   Wanda (WGG)