CD Launch September 20, 2014

I had been preparing emotionally for this launch since the master was finished in May. I knew that my singing voice wasn’t ready because of a recent illness and then there were all the other pieces that needed to be completed such as ordering the Cds, having the design work done for the cover etc.

So now the day was here. I had practised the songs as much as I could and had practised with the band a couple of times so now all that was left to do was perform. My dear wife Robyn bought beautiful bouquets for the day and had a silk lotus flower made to match the one on the CD cover. The day was shaping up.. oh and I received flowers from my brother and his wife.

I’m Ready

We set up the church for the evening, practised, had supper and then got changed. We arrived at the church early as did several of the audience. I stood at the door, greeting people and signing Cds. Then I went to a quiet room to try to settle myself. I was soon on stage introducing my friend Scott Anthony who opened for me. Then I had to wait. I felt I had been waiting so long already. I calmed down listening to Scott sing and then it was my turn.

I felt comfortable and a bit afraid. Ross, the keyboard player began the first song and I was off. There was a brief stumble in the first chorus and after that it all went well. My heart felt open as I sang and listened to the other musicians as they accompanied me. I was telling my stories. My parents were there with my sister Carol who graciously was taking pictures and who video taped one of the songs. The audience was warm and receptive. I noticed one friend crying so I was aware that I was making an impact.

Then as I sang the last song the audience got to their feet, clapping and I moved forward and spoke to many who had come. There were so many kind words spoken that it was a bit overwhelming. Comments like”that is my story”, “there is something about your voice”, “what has your life been that you are here now”, and many more. So much kindness, so much connection. The risk of exposure turned out to be more than worth it. I love singing, performing, and telling my story. And I don’t’ have to try to prove a thing.


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