Creativity Continues

This creative road is an interesting one. I spent some time at our cabin off and on over the last few weeks and found that business concerns really disappeared and art and songs wanted to reign supreme. I had no real desire to write any new songs but a couple wanted to be born so I now have a song about one of my first boyfriends and one about an ex-girlfriend. Then I did a few water colors for myself that expressed some of what I was feeling about the songs on the CD. Creativity is so often surprising and it does often take space and slowing down for it to come to the forefront.

I was at a close family friends funeral which was inspriational and I realized again how important it is to be present for people and to show up. I received so much from this time of remembering and tribute. I was reminded today as well how important it can be to show up for ourselves. My intention for these next couple of weeks is to show up for my sons and for myself as I travel to Cambridge, England for my youngest son’s marriage.

There are lots of small details scrabbling around in my brain about preparing for the CD release. However, most importantly the CD is called Shifting Sands and will be released here in Regina at Creative City Center October 13 which is my 58th birthday. Quite a present. I hope to take a short tour to some Saskatchewan and Alberta towns and cities in the weeks that follow. See you soon!

So allow yourself some space and time this summer to explore your own passions and creativity. Have a great one!

Yours in creativity and music,

Wanda G.


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