Fabulous Days

I spent two fabulous days in the studio with some superb musicians. These guys put the most amazing tracks down for my songs. It was a time of magic, respect, trust and a whole pile of laughs and fun. This is experience is right up there with the top four experiences in my life so far. I won’t say too much more about the details because I would like you to listen to the finished product when it comes out, hopefully, in the fall. P.S. There is some banjo! I’m so excited!

I have been working on a digital business card that has also fueled my creative juices. I was doing a workshop with my on-line business group, Female Music Academy and I found this idea so inspiring. I have gathered together some pictures, brought forward some old memories and contacted a young film school friend to help me with the video ( which will be my digital business card). I have found the whole process to be very inspiring. I am so excited to see what we come up with. This helps feed the ideas of what I might like to do for a video for my CD. Oh man, do I love ideas! So stayed tuned and I will share the link to the digital business card in my next email.

The one thought about creativity that keeps popping around in my head these days is about how when one’s life becomes more creative that drives everything to be more creative. I have found myself taking pictures as I walk around our park and lake. I have been posting them on facebook and many people love them. Creativity sparks creativity. So I encourage you to add more creativity to your life in whatever form. Don’t be afraid. No one is judging. Just have some fun!

In music and creativity,

Wanda G.


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