It is really Happening

Today I was reflecting on the fact that it has been one year since I met Brad Prosko at Break Out West. Well eleven months actually. I had been planning my second CD and trying to decide who I would work with. Then Brad and I had a chat in January and I knew that we could work well together. He was open and receptive and I felt I could trust him with my project.

I had set time aside for writing and I wrote two songs that are on this new album in March while I was in the Cypress Hills. Then the recording with great musicians in May, vocals later in the month. Since then photos, a designer and production person for the CD. Last week, when I chose and sent the photos to the designer I felt overwhelmed. It was actually going to happen. This dream of recording music, these songs to send out in the world.

Then yesterday, the event was created on Facebook for my CD release at Creative City Center. Okay now it really is happening. The artwork was sent to the production people yesterday as well. So in a couple weeks I will receive the Cds. What a process it is. Press releases yesterday to some papers, a short tour planned in four provinces.

I have a friend doing a lyric video for me so I can use it for promotion. I still have several thinks to do but it feels much more manageable.

Thanks for listening to the journey! More to come!

Yours in creativity,

Wanda G.


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