The Journey of the Recorded Music

Last fall I began thinking about who I might like to work with for this album. I knew that it was time to record more music and that I had enough potential material. The journey began in October when I met Brad Prosko at Break Out West and had a lovely conversation with him and thought that he would be a great person to work with, open, authentic, talented. Then I began planning 2017. Each month and what could be accomplished from writing potential songs to the CD release party and tour. So far, I’m glad to report I am on track. I have been waiting to decide on the next part of the journey until I have the final mixes.

When I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about the fact that I wasn’t certain if October was a realistic goal she was surprised. “Don’t you just do it”. Unfortunately, there is a lot to do once the album is recorded. So now the next step is coming close. Will I have time to get the art work done, liner notes, publicity, tour planned, physical copies ordered? (by my proposed date of October 13-my 58th birthday).

Plus my new head shots are happening this week which will then require updating of websites and my online presence in general. I am looking forward to them as the photographer has some cool ideas. This is the point where I know that trust comes in, both to trust myself with the next step and to realize that the universe is at work helping as well.

So here is to the next steps. I want to love my music into the Universe. The songs I’ve written and recorded will find there way to the people who need them. I just need to stay out of the way and do the work. Thanks for listening. So may we remember that in whatever work we feel passionate about, it is one small step at a time and that we do need to do the work that is required.

In all thinks creative,
Wanda G.


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