Love Hurts

WOW, Lyrics really do stick! As I wrote down this title the melody was already in my head. So Valentines Day is right around the corner. I had a break-up around this date many years ago and I know that it is both a much loved and much hated day. It depends so much on where you are at in your life.

I have written many songs about love being over and only a couple about love. I realized this as I looked for songs to enter in a couple of Valentines Day playlists. My break up songs or love can be sucky songs have mostly been written in these past couple of years. My first CD Awakening was full of philosophical songs. Although Indecision, track 4, is about a break up that is soon to happen.

Relationships are challenging and intimate ones are even more so. I have learned a lot of life lessons through break ups, from leaving a 13 year marriage to be with a woman, which eventually ended in a break up that I didn’t want, to several bad relationships, to now living in an intimate relationships that supports me and my creativity. There were many times that I stayed longer in poor relationships then I should have because I did not want to be alone. This is such a challenge. So I encourage you to trust that wherever you are, either single, married or dating that you will have things to learn and that if you are in a particularly challenging place that life does get better. So love can hurt and it can heal and it does bring hope. I hope that the love that is in your life will help you to reach deep and let the creativity that resides in you come forward and enrich your life.

May we, as Valentines Day approaches, remember that love is an important part of life, however it shows up, whether from a friend, family member or significant other.

Yours in all things creative,

Wanda G.


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