More Stories about Creativity

Two weeks seems like such a short time and here I am chatting to you again. One of the things I have done in the last couple of weeks is read a great book called Big Magic by Liz Gilbert, which is a book about creativity. It feels like it came along at exactly the right time. I needed a reminder of what creativity is all about. Do the work and then magic can happen is one of them. As well, Liz had so many interesting ideas about inspiration. Like the idea that inspiration goes around looking for someone who is ready to receive it. That is such a cool notion.

I can say that I have no real idea where melodies come from except that they are comfortable for me to sing and they often seem to match the lyrics. Creative people are often asked about this process. I am realizing more and more how being available to it is huge, ie: making the space and time and letting myself be a channel for what needs to be said. I finished the vocal tracks for one of my songs a couple of weeks ago and said to Brad Prosko (my music producer) and Robyn ( my wife), “I have no idea what that song is about”. It rather wrote itself. Later that night I realized that I was partly telling someone else’s story (I had written it a year ago) but I didn’t know where the lyrics or tune came from. Some would say they were buried in my unconscious or was I available to receive them from the Universe?

All this to say that I believe that Spirit or Universe or what ever you call your higher power is at work through creativity. No wonder it is so important and we are so drawn to it.

So go out and find your way of expressing your gifts and creativity.

Yours in music and creativity,
Wanda G.


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