Music in Vancouver

I have been planning a trip to Vancouver for awhile as I have a friend there who is keen to have me out to do a house concert. I have tried to book some other shows on the way there or back and that hasn’t worked. Not yet at least. I had an old friend try to hook me up in Canmore but that didn’t work. I am learning that a lot of lead time needs to go into planning shows. People take time to return emails and there isn’t always an easy  understanding of what I might want them to do for me. So my plan for future bookings is to plan way ahead. It is so interesting to see what is a challenge on this new journey.

I spent part of this month at the lake and was able to get back to practicing with a little composing on the side. As well I started to incorporate the changes some readers of my memoir ( in draft) gave me. I am restructuring the flow without having to change much in the body of the book. I am excited to be nearly finished this part of writing the memoir but it frightens me as well. I want to share my story and I am terrified to do it. I am sharing many intimate and personal details of my life.

My trip to Vancouver was great. Lots of inspiration on the way and new ideas for creative projects. I also enjoyed the house concert in Vancouver. It is always fun to connect with new people and have those people appreciate my music. As well I took delight in being told, “I can see you are passionate about what you are doing” and ” You are a singer/songwriter, I don’t expect you to play a great guitar. I will be listening to the lyrics” .

Talk to you in a couple of weeks.



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