Songs Masters and Beyond

Song Masters and Beyond.

I received the masters of my songs for my upcoming CD by email two days ago. It scared me a bit. What was I supposed to do with them? I figured I better download them. It was a whole different process then three years ago when I received the masters from the music producer and he kept a copy on a hard drive that cost me a couple hundred dollars.This time I think it is more up to me to decide the order of the songs on the CD, make sure they have all they need before they become ready to be pressed… as into a CD…

So I have an appointment with my music producer to get some help with these next steps. I remember the other steps, art work for the cover, art work for the CD itself, liner notes, photos with good enough resolution. (Photo shoot in August, fourth time it has been rescheduled). Then with all of those pieces in line a CD/Record is born. Then to get it into my fans hands. More planning for that once these other practical parts are taken care of.

I am listening to the songs as I write this blog. If my fans enjoy these songs half as much as I do then I will be very happy. The CD will be called Shifting Sands. The title track is pretty groovy, I have to say… I look forward to hearing what you think!

Eight songs to talk about the past three years, well its not quite so linear. Eight songs hmmm, eight songs. Eight songs to make you weep, eight songs to fill you with hope and passion. Eight songs to help you sleep. Life has been full of shifting sands for me and many others. I hope you find these songs touch you in a meaningful and deep way.

So again, I encourage you to follow the creative path that brings you the most joy!

Yours in music, mystery and creativity,

Wanda G.


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