Songwriting Retreat

In January I was able to attend a great songwriting retreat hosted by SaskMusic at a retreat center two hours north of Regina. We were fortunate to have Jason Blume a world renowned songwriter teaching us about the craft of songwriting. I enjoyed the learning and camaraderie so much. As a nursing colleague said, I was having a chance to be with my tribe.
I was given positive feedback on the song I shared at the retreat and for that I was grateful! With the new skills I acquired I was able to go home and rewrite an old song that now makes much more sense. It all changed except the concept which was cool. I am slowly able to take a step back from my songs and not be so attached to how they are. Revision, as with other writing, is an important part of the process.
As the winter marches on I have four shows planned this month which I am very excited about and which include both old and new songs. I hope you have a chance to get to one of these show.
On my way to Calgary last week I was given some contacts and ideas of more places I could perform which I am very grateful for.
Be well. Wanda


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