Spring and Summer 2016

I keep meaning to write updates more often, they are even in my calendar but I see I am managing an update every few months so perhaps four times a year is a more realistic time frame for a blog post… hmmm well that is really not your problem is it.

I have had bursts of activity this spring with more contemplative times in between. I had four shows in March, two out of town with two in Regina. The show in Elkwater, Alberta at the 12-24 Cafe and Pub was a great deal of fun with friends joining me for the show from Medicine Hat. I was fortunate to have friends and fans show up at my show at Roca House as well as at a house concert in Regina. I am grateful and humbled when people come to hear me play. I also had a video taped at the house concert which I was grateful for as anything that can help with promotion is always well appreciated.

I had the opportunity to take a few days away at our cabin which gave me the opportunity to write a couple of new songs. They are not quite ready for performance but hopefully that won’t be too far away.

I had a blast performing at Queen City Pride Gala. I especially appreciated the opportunity to share my coming out song ‘Awakening’ with this group.

So now on to the summer, full of lots of time at the lake and the opportunity to play in Melville at The Living Sky Music and Food Festival August 25-27th. As well, I am fortunate to be booking some fall shows. I look forward to posting those dates when they are firm. Thanks for your interest! Wanda


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