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Hope, A Feeling of Trust

These past two weeks have been full of hope. I performed with a group of female singer-songwriters called Girls Like Us at a local music venue here in Regina, Sk. called the Creative City Center. We were planning to only meet for a retreat of singing and practicing and ended up also having a show. We were full of hope that all would go well and it did.

As I plan my next album and am gathering songs for it, I was asked if a theme had emerged. I took a close look at the songs I have and found that yes a theme of hope had emerged. One definition of hope I discovered was ‘a feeling of trust’. This is my theme for the year, trust. Trust that I am on the right path. Trust that all will be as it is meant to be.

I have found a great producer and have great musicians coming to join me in this next project. Hope and trust. They do go very well together. I am a total type A personality having worked for years as an Intensive Care Nurse. In that job I needed to do my very best and trust the colleagues whom I worked with. Perhaps things that I learned in that work environment are helping me now as well.

In just a little less then three weeks I am heading out for ten days of songwriting for this next album. I am looking forward to the focused time to write and revise the material that I already have. I am hopeful that I will have the songs that I need by the end of April when I will head into the studio again.

May your life be full of hope and trust. May you know that you can be guided to be on the path that is meant for you!

Yours in music and creativity,
Wanda G.


4 thoughts on “Hope, A Feeling of Trust

  1. I love this Wanda! May your creativity shine!

  2. Good for you, Wanda! So happy all is going well. Have a great time writing ­čÖé

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