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Connections Fall 2016

As I reflect on the summer I don’t think I have ever enjoyed one so much as this past one. It was a season that was full of inspiration, from the hills I got to hike, to the songwriting retreat I took part in and the silent retreat I attended in Moose Jaw. I did some nursing work in there as well, but I’m told that my facebook feed looked like I was spending a lot of time reflecting, resting and rejuvenating, which I was.

I have been writing new songs for a CD which I hope to record some time in the New Year. As well, I have finished a memoir which I also hope to publish in the New Year and present it with my CD. Writing new material is a fun and frustrating process. Sometimes songs seem to come easily but I find that now I want to write more, the process seems slower. Melodies with unfinished lyrics present themselves and won’t go away until I figure out what the song is about and then today two songs found each other and became one. Creativity certainly can’t be put into a box. This summer at the Canadian Songwriting Challenge here in Regina, I was thrilled to spend three days with other great songwriters and co-wrote two pretty cool songs. One of which I hope to put on my new CD. As well, we were able to record a demo of our songs at the Regina CBC Studio One with Jason Plumb. It was a great time.

This past weekend I spent 24 hours with 5 other women songwriters. It was great to share songs, both old and new. We all met last January at a songwriting retreat and I am thrilled to be able to continue these connections. We plan to meet again in January and then present a show together in the spring.

This fall I am participating in the Playing for Change day at the Artful Dodger here in Regina on September 24th. Then I have a show, “An Evening with Wanda” at the Living Sky Retreat Center in Lumsden, Sask., on November 10th. I hope to have a couple of house concerts this fall as well. As well, my CD Awakening can be found as a free download at www.noisetrade.com/wandagronhovd.

I hope everyone’s fall is starting well. I am happy to feel the crisp air and harvest the garden. May everyone be happy and well.



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  1. Shawn says:

    Wanda! I love reading about your authentic life.

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