It’s time to Launch They Said

So summer is drawing to a close and my CD release is a mere 8 weeks away. It left like so much time before I took off on holidays but now it is staring me in the face. I felt pretty ready until I had a meeting about publicity for said release and then I got a bit nervous. Things are lining up as they should. The masters are in, my photos are done just not received, an artist is available for the album art work and the production guy is on stand by. So now I wait for that but as I wait I have been contacting venues and friends about places to play for a short tour. A few places are booked and more to be contacted and more friends to bug. .

Over and over again I am having to remind myself to trust. That things will fall into place as they are meant to and my job is to simply keep on doing the work, ask for help when I need it (which I hate doing), and be grateful every day for the opportunities I have to enjoy my life so much. I get so much pleasure out of being creative, out of singing. I was reminded of this as I did my Facebook Live today (Wednesday with Wanda). I absolutely love to sing! Thank you, thank you universe that there are people who want to listen!

Okay enough about me! Go and have some fun and be creative. Fill this world with some joy.

In all things creative,

Wanda G.


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