Wanda Gronhovd 

Author, Musician and Grief Facilitator 

About Wanda Gronhovd


Wanda is an author, musician and grief facilitator who helps people process their grief. She uses her signature workshop called Unfolding the Path of our Grief. Her signature workshop brings together stories, songs, music, and reiki to facilitate healing.

Unfolding the Path of our Grief Workshop



I found the combination of poetry and music at your workshop were very effective in connecting into my grief. The spoken words reached me differently than the songs, and woven together they got past my inner barriers. Wendy

Book for sale

Shifting Sands is Wanda’s self-published memoir where she speaks candidly of the challenges and pain of coming out as a lesbian in 1992. 

Click on link to purchase Shifting Sands. 




Testimonials for workshops 


The workshop is an invitation to go deeper without being alone in that moment. Giving you the space to verbalize the emotions that we find hard to face. Healing through sharing.


Host : Carla Harris

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