Artist Bio

Wanda Gronhovd is a musician-healer who connects people to the Divine through sharing love and holding space for deep emotion, especially loss and grief.  Gronhovd is a vocalist, songwriter and pianist. 

Gronhovd draws influence from her musical heroes, Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan and K.D.Lang. She is also influenced by her relationship with the Divine Feminine and her Reiki Healing energy practice. These influences impact the way Wanda shares her music which often leave the audience saying such things as, “ It always feels like I am on the greatest retreat when you do these shows.” and  “I  feel loved.” Another fan has stated. “I love your personal, introspective and highly relevant writing in a simple song structure.”

After retiring from her nursing career in the summer of 2019, Wanda spent most of that summer at her cabin in northern Saskatchewan. She reconnected with the mysteries of the spirit world, connecting with her spirit guides and being aware of the presence of a few of her dead relatives and friends. The veil was thin. She realized that she was moving into a new phase of her life and began to accept this new found perspective. She  began to include these new  realities in her songs. As she walked the hills that summer a hawk circled above for many minutes and she heard him say ”Open your wings let the air take you”. Since then she has sharpened her focus and is sharing her experiences of the Divine, with the hope of bringing  her music and stories to people as healing. 

 In 2022 Gronhovd created a show called Unfolding the Path of our Grief as a way of supporting people through loss and grief. 

Since 2014, Gronhovd has released three studio recorded albums. She refers to these three albums as her Trilogy. They include her debut CD  Awakening where she shares her coming out story. In her sophomore CD Shifting Sands, Gronhovd continued to share songs of hope and transformation. In her latest CD from 2020, Pieces of Her Heart she speaks about the challenges of being a mother without her children.

In the past three years Gronhovd  has performed at several music festivals as well as having toured Western Canada three times as a solo act. She has sung in choirs most of her adult life as a mezzo soprano. She has classical piano training having completed her grade 8 piano and Grade 2 theory from the  Royal Toronto Conservatory in Canada. Gronhovd was a coordinator for the SAC Regina Songwriting group, having left that position after five years in June 2020.