Wanda Gronhovd is a musician, facilitator, retired Nurse, author, and Reiki Master.  She  connects people to the Divine through sharing love and holding space for deep emotion, especially loss and grief.  

During the past two years, Wanda shifted gears in her music business and began exploring the themes of loss and grief from her perspective as a healer and artist.  

Her journey with loss and grief started thirty-four years ago when she worked in Palliative Care for ten years and accompanied people when they were dying and their families through this process. Observing this, she learned what it was like for people to go through such challenging experiences. She developed the ability to  hold space and be with people in their grief.  

Around that same time, in the early 90’s, Wanda came out as a lesbian. Coming out in 1992, having come from a very conservative background, caused a ripple effect which included  challenges around the sharing of custody of her children, a change in her identity, and feelings of loss and grief for what used to be. Feelings of sorrow and heartbreak were her daily companions for many years. This was an arduous time for her and has drawn her to her work around loss and grief. Her experience during this phase of life inspired her to write and publish a book called Shifting Sands.  

Writing music also became an outlet to process the emotions that came with coming out. After being a musician now for twenty plus years, Wanda is able to create safe spaces for people. This is her superpower,  whether it be at the bedside as a nurse, or in her workshops and retreats. 

In 2022, Wanda decided to alchemize all that she had been through and learned as a nurse, artist, musician and reiki master to help others heal from grief.  She took the tools of music, storytelling, the healing energy of  reiki, and holding space to create her workshop and signature process called Unfolding the Path of our Grief. 

During the summer of 2022, Wanda shared her songs and stories at backyard shows and online. She has been presenting these workshops in many parts of Saskatchewan and online. This May she will be facilitating a two-day retreat to guide people experiencing grief.  She is also preparing for the release of a  single which will support those who are grieving and will be released later this year.